Green building certifications

You wish to own or rent a property, that can be operated with significantly lower utility bills?

where people like to spend time, because ergonomics, health aspects and the colleage’s approach were also taken into account in the design?

where actions were already taken to ensure that sustainability is not just a word that is repeated over and over again?

that meets EU and national energy efficiency directives and legislation?

that is part of a recognised international community and relevant databases?

that is, because of the above (and many other factors), fundamentally more valuable than the properties next to it?


we recommend that you design and build your property „green” and then operate it accordingly. This will give you the opportunity to obtain green building certification. MN6’s experts can support both the investor and the project from conceptualisation to certification for the below two building certifications.

ESG assessment and support in building a corporate ESG strategy

Based on the latest informations of the European Union’s Taxonomy and sustainability disclosure regulations, we assist our clients to do the sustainablility reporting of their operations, building a relevant and reliable database and strategy to achieving carbon neutrality.

Sustainable properties, including green certified buildings, are an excellent fit with ESG Environmental objectives and/or Social objectives because they place a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of building occupants (see focus points in WELL certification) as well as on the energy, water and material use of the building and its environmental footprint (see focus points in LEED certification).

Our well-being is mostly determined by the quality of the air in the building. Humidity, temperature and airborne pollutants have a big impact on how we perform in the workplace. Other important factors are whether we have access to alternative workstations, whether we can move around, whether we use ergonomic furniture, whether we can eat healthy food in the office building or whether we run out of chocolate and coffee in the vending machine. The sight of plants and a green roof garden, or even a company kitchen garden, makes us feel better at work and promotes efficient working.

The development of the WELL rating system, which is already available in Hungary, was preceded by a multi-year research programme involving doctors, psychologists and building engineers, which showed that an office environment thatis changed or built according to the above ideas and consideres many other suggestions, has a clear positive effect on employees! Workers in such a building feel better, are more satisfied, work more efficiently, get sick less and the building design even helps energy efficient operation! This may be the answer to the rapidly growing investor interest in this type of building design, and to companies’ preference for “WELL” offices, not only mean cheaper operation, but also the satisfaction and efficiency of an increasingly difficult-to-retain workforce, which can be a very significant financial advantage!

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is one of the most widely used green building certification systems, which was launched in the USA in 1998. Since 2000, around 140 000 projects have been certified, making it a widely used and reliable system that is constantly adapting to technical innovations and trends. It is currently the second most widely used rating system in Hungary and in the Central European region after BREEAM.

The reason for its spread is that it has a set of requirements that takes into account both environmental pressures and the needs of building users, with a basic flexibility in the methods used to achieve the objectives. Certified buildings record significant reductions in CO2, GHG emissions, energy and water use. A further important aspect is that designing, building and operating in the spirit of certification fits perfectly with both sustainability and ESG aspects, thus, for example, greatly enhancing the PR value of the building and ensuring the company’s compliance with the EU Taxonomy.  (Recommendation No. 5/2021 (IV.15.) of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) on loans for sustainable real estate investments (“green loan”) accepts LEED Gold and Platinum certification as an eligibility condition.)