ISO 50001 energy management - Improving performance and enhancing reputation

The ISO 50001 energy management system is an international standard that is developed for organizations committed to addressing their impact, conserving resources and improving the bottom line through efficient energy management. The result is energy and cost savings and more efficient energy consumption. ISO 50001 is one of the few management systems that offers measurable cost savings. It allows greater transparency and shows how energy is used within the company. In addition to continuously improving energy efficiency, the ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) enhances the company’s reputation and environmental performance.

Exemption from the large company energy audit

If the company operates an ISO 50001 energy management system for the whole organisation, it is exempted from the large company energy audit.

Compliant with ISO 14001 environmental management standard

The framework of the standard is compatible with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard, so companies with ISO 14001 certification will have no problem meeting the requirements of ISO 50001.

Careful planning, successful preparation

By implementing and operating ISO 50001, the company reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Energy consumption issues are systematically managed by an energy team (including management), and a development strategy and plan is prepared.
Investments can be carried out in a well considered and integrated way, with energy efficiency targets set and an agreed strategy.
Management decisions are prepared based on the plans and the objectives of the energy management system.
Energy consumption and cost reduction targets can be fixed and corporate specific KPI’s must be developed

MN6 Energy Agency’s ISO 50001 internal audit specialist will help you to prepare your company for the implementation of the standard and successful external certification.