WELL Building Certification

The WELL Building Standard is the first green standard that focuses on how people feel in the building. It explores how design, operations and behaviors within the places where we work can be optimized to advance human health and well-being. WELL, as healthy building certification complement and – in some cases – overlap with green-building rating systems (LEED, BREEAM). Employers are seeking WELL Certification to attract and retain high-quality employees, to support higher employee performance and productivity, reduce impacts of presenteeism and absenteeism and promote improved health for employees. As additional impact, companies register for WELL Certification earn brand equity from being leaders in their industry and the associated marketing value of the media exposure.

MN6 Energy Agency provides the following services:
  • Our team of experts prepeare, manage and coordinate the WELL Standard certification process
  • We perform the on-site performance tests and do the monitoring of the indoor air quality of the spaces
  • Noise performance tests, acoustical advisory
  • Advisory of interior design in ergonomy and comfort according to WELL aspects in cooperation with our interior design partners
  • Integrating the holistic view of the standard in the space planning
  • Communication support