MN6 Energy Agency

We are a team of energy experts, including engineers, energy professionals, economists and communicators. The MN6 Energy Agency provides energy managment services for the clients, which is a systematic and transparent manner to handle all the company’s energy related questions – in order to decrease the high energy costs and solve all energy related issues. MN6 Energy Agency is an independent, private owned company. We enable our clients to provide transparent and competitive energy related services since 2011. Our company is an energy auditor organization accredited by the Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority since 2016.

We are proud to annuance that we are among the first companies in Hungary which had launched the certification according to the WELL Building StandardsTMOur WELL APTM consultant helps You  to create a better working environment by the introduction of WELL certification or some parts of it. 

As a member of the Hungarian Green Building Council we are committed to the spread of environmentally conscious construction.