LEED consultancy

Our significant and in-depth expertise in the building energy industry combined with LEED GA certification, we provide professional and focused support and consultancy services to any team that embarks on acquiring LEED certification on their building. We consider building and conceptual features, sponsor preferences and costs associated with „making the building green”.

In general, our service covers the followings:

  • Gap analyses (to assess concepts, site features, sponsor expectations with LEED requirements and provide a proposed LEED scorecard as well as feasible certification level)
  • Project kick-off with the LEED scorecard to ensure that all involved parties (designers, engineers, etc.) are on board and everyone knows their role
  • All necessary communication with the USA based institute responsible for the certification
  • LEED online system administration and agreed document preparation
  • Supporting the involved parties so that they can execute their tasks in accordance with relevant LEED requirements, on-request document preparation

Naturally, each project is different, therefore a different approach might be required to the best and most efficient execution.  

In line with LEED principles, it is imperative that LEED’s requirements, vision and the sponsor’s goals are understood and incorporated into the work as early as possible, but no later than concept design. This enables full LEED compliance, and the most cost-effective approach on how the particular project can achieve its green goals.