EU Taxonomy alignment and eligibility assessment and consultancy

To achieve the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality targets, the EU has created a Green Deal Action Plan, which includes a Sustainable Finance Action Plan. As part of this, the EU Taxonomy (Regulation 2020/852) came into force on 12 July 2020, setting 6 environmental targets:

climate change mitigation

adaptation to climate change

sustainable use and protection of aquatic and marine resources

transition to a circular economy

pollution prevention and reduction

protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems

Along the lines of the above objectives, green activities can be identified that contribute significantly to the transition to a sustainable economy.

The activities covered by the Regulation include forestry, manufacturing, energy, water and wastewater management, transport and haulage, infocommunications, construction and real estate. The eligibility must be assessed.

EU Taxonomy as a tool to promote green property finance

On 31 August 2021, the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) announced the Green Capital Relief Scheme for corporates and municipalities, and extended its conditions in March 2022. This introduced a green financing incentive into the lending mechanism of commercial banks.

In practice, this means that lending for certain “green” activities can benefit from a so-called “capital relief” if the appropriate requirements are met. In case of real estate, for example, the discount can be 5% or 7% (to encourage credit institutions to finance more green projects, as they can substantially reduce their capital requirements, which the MNB expects to ensure the stability of the banking system.)

The MNB has identified three possible ways in which individual properties can qualify for the discount:


according to the EU Taxonomy, which is based on the EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act Annex I, point 7, sub-points 7.1, 7.2 and 7.7. Available discount: 7%


according to the “Hungarian specific” taxonomy, which is a version of point 1 tailored to domestic industry practices and specificities. Available discount 5%


according to green building certification (BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, etc.), which builds on the application of international green building certification standards. A 5% discount is available.

EU taxonomy consultancy and certification

In relation to compliance under points 1 and 2, the MN6 Energy Agency team supports interested companies with consultancy and EU Taxonomy eligibility assessment services in their real estate related activities, which activities can be the following:

real estate property acquisition

new real estate construction

property renovation

EU Taxonomy workshops

There are many questions and uncertainties about taxonomy compliance. Our experience so far is that the most effective method is to hold on-site workshops with interested companies. This includes an overview of EU Taxonomy legislation, green financing options and related taxonomy requirements, and exploring together possible ways of compliance, taking into account the company’s specificities and needs.

taxonómia workshop