Mrs Emese Kovács

Energy Advisor

Emese brings 15 years professional experience from different fields of energy. She started her carrier by Unicredit Bank, where she was responsible for financing large companies’ energy efficiency projects. In 2011, as partner and co-founder of the MN6 Energy Agency, she led the team of energy auditors and performed energy compliance reports according to the EU EED by international companies in Hungary, like Wizz Air Hungary, the H&M Hennes and Mauritz retail shops and the 5 sites of LEAR Hungary from the automotive industry. From year 2016, she supports the introduction of ISO 50001 energy management systems by companies as an internal energy auditor. From 2017 she started to support the clients by achieving the WELL Certification, the first healthy building qualification focusing on people using buildings. Currently, she is working on the WELL certification of Europa Design HQ in Budapest as a consultant.

Curriculum vitae

Phone: +36 30 6205389



Mrs Nelli Tóth

Energy advisor
Managing director

After two decades of professional experience Nelli is managing energy efficiency projects and energy performance audits. She started her career on the field of municipality and institutional energy management. She coordinated and performed several energy audits in large companies and in office buildings from 2011 as partner and co-founder of MN6 Energy Agency. Currently she is responsible for the energy management of many large multinational enterprises in Hungary as building energy expert. From 2016, MN6 Energy Agency is the technical advisor partner of Cresa, supporting the tenant representation process with technical advisory with focus on the building operation and energy related questions of the tenancy agreement. Among others she realized successful projects in tenants technical advisory of Orbico Hungary, Opál Zrt and Centrál Café and Restaurant in 2018.

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Mr Balázs Petró

I have been working in engineering since I got my first degree. Initially, I was involved in the design and construction of energy machines, equipments and systems. During the planning and construction phase, I gained experience in the design of complex energy centres, industrial boilers and auxiliary systems for automotive manufacturing plants. I took part in research and development in the field of solar energy and flue gas cleaning in several energy fields. Currently I am involved in energyconsulting, energy auditing, design and construction of renewable power plants.


Mrs Zsuzsa Tóth

Zsuzsa’s professional experience in energy related questions goes back to 1996, when she started with coordination of energy efficiency awareness raising campaigns for residentals. As she joined the team of MN6 Energy Agency in 2011 as analist, her responsibility is to do the energy consumption and cost calculations and to finalize the audit documentations, adapts and analysis the building energy efficiency certifications. After collecting all the data, she does all the background analysis with energy bills and consumption data for the energy audits. In tenant representative projects, she succeeded in several transactions to create the most beneficial contractual frame for tenants in billing of energy- and annual operational costs. She supports all our experts’ work on sites.



Mr Levente Esztergály

Sustainability consultant, LEED GA
Energy engineer-economist

As an energy engineer-economist I consider equally important a solution’s technical and economic feasibility. Based on this sentiment, I started in the last semesters of my studies to work on energy efficiency projects. In multinational companies first at KPMG Advisory I partook in company valuation, market study, analytical and PM projects. After that I at the Hungarian oil giant MOL, I had responsibilities in CAPEX and project&program management, Business planning, strategy creation and Top management reporting and Stage Gate system ownership. I also positioned myself towards the field of IT when I joined an IT developer company with focus on energy industry companies. Here as a business analyst my primary goal was to understand, translate and potentially optimize the business needs of the client and represent that need towards the developer team. At a certain point, partially due to the emerging trend of climate protection, ESG, sustainability and alike, I decided to acquire an expert level degree at the LEED green building certification system, called LEED Green Associate.



Mrs Hajnalka Gyenge

I have been a member of the MN6 team since October 2022, as a professional assistant. I am a qualified accountant, business planner and statistician.

In my previous jobs, I focused on complex thinking and process optimisation, which is essential for accurate work. The main aspect of joining MN6 was, that I wanted to be part of a team, where I could support professionalism with the knowledge I had already acquired.

The focus of my past years was to realise a dream that was born out of necessity. We created a foundation, with the aim to provide schooling for children with disabilities, while at the same time providing development opportunities for others, creating jobs and establishing links with organisations and partner institutions. We set out to realise our plans with a strong belief, without previous knowledge or capital. Promoting acceptance was a priority for us. All these noble goals gave us the strength and perseverance to work beyond our comfort zone and create a functioning organisation from scratch.

Currently, at MN6 Energy Agency, I build on the previously obtained above knowledge and work in several areas such as relationship management, process optimization, data collection, while supporting the company’s operations in all aspects.


Mrs Andrea Köteles-Oláh

Energy Advisor
Energy engineer

I started my technical career in building services engineering and then moved into energy engineering. I have several years of experience in energy management in large corporate environments and in the operation of energy management systems. As an energy engineer and building services engineer, I consider it of utmost importance that all energy consumed is done in a beneficial and transparent way. In my opinion, an investment starts with proper planning, with particular attention to the subsequent operation. My favourite tasks include loss detection and building services engineering. Recently, I have also been involved in building services engineering design, planning and operation. My work is characterised by perfectionism and thoroughness.


Köteles-Oláh Andrea

Mrs Zsuzsa Fodor

Certified Sustainability Manager

I graduated as an economist in tourism and hospitality. Initially I worked in hotel sales, then I started my own business with a hotel booking agency. In 2018, I joined the team of Hungary Gren Building Council, where I contributed to the sustainability of the built environment by organising trainings, providing project management and ensuring the day-to-day workflow as an office manager. In 2022 I graduated as a sustainability manager at the Green Brands Academy. At MN6 Energy Agency, I will start as a sustainability and project coordinator in October 2023, my main tasks will be to help our clients navigate in the maze of sustainability obligations, providing background coordination for energy saving projects.



Fodor Zsuzsa