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We are a team of energy experts, including engineers, energy professionals, economists and communicators.  The MN6 Energy Agency provides energy managment services for the clients, which is a systematic and transparent manner to handle all the company’s energy related questions – in order to decrease the high energy costs and solve all energy related issues.

MN6 Energy Agency is an independent, private owned company. We enable our clients to provide transparent and competitive energy related services since 2011. We provide the following services:

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Energy audit – what does it mean?

The energy audit should cover all major energy consuming facilities, including energy consumed for heating and cooling, lighting, industrial or other machine operation, among other aspects. In addition to identifying, quantifying and reporting current energy consumption, an energy audit is also designed to provide reliable technical and economic information for formulating feasible and cost-effective recommendations for energy efficiency improvement measures and packages of measures that would lead to measurable energy savings if implemented. As such, the energy audit can potentially have significant benefits in addition to ensuring compliance with legislative requirements, i.e. it can constitute the source of energy savings business planning.

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List of references of energy audit projects, energy management services related to industrial processes, bulidings:


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