initial  Manufacturing, small and medium businesses

Topics such as sustainable growth, “green thinking”, effective use of resources, and energy management, have by now become a significant part of the current EU and Hungarian small and medium business (SMB) Strategy

Given this, and the fact that energy as a key resource accounts for a relatively high proportion of total costs for the majority of manufacturing companies, competitiveness can be dramatically increased through several methods beyond tendering energy suppliers. Methods include smart management of enterprises’ premises and facilities, including buildings operated as storage, production plants, and offices, through activities such as conscious handling and development of lighting, heating, isolation, or effective operation of production machinery.

Diversity of this topic – even adding renewable energy to it – has by now reached such a high level, that planning, construction control, and proper facility management require the involvement of an independent expert, i.e. the constant presence of an Energy Manager. This dedicated role helps to fulfill the main target of saving energy, by following the entire project step by step just as it would have been done by the owners themselves.

 We are strongly committed to fostering the objectives of Hungarian SMBs in energy management, saving, and rationalizing. For this, we offer the following: