initial  Facility Managers

As the number of office buildings in Budapest are constantly growing, the proportion of these offices remaining vacant is expanding, due to low quality office management services. Providing the highest level of services to their tenants is utmost important for Facility Management and Property Management companies, which now also includes energy management services.

 Recently, tenants have become more conscious about knowing their precise energy consumption figures, and are increasingly demanding an accurate division and settlement of energy costs. In addition, the law is also on their side now and prescribes itemized listing of energy and utility related costs, which can be a serious challenge for many building managers.

 In the case of an office portfolio with numerous buildings, it is worth it to rely on an experienced partner for energy-related tasks. Paying specific attention to the topic can result in 10 to 15 percent of savings in energy costs.

 Our company is at your service to make your office operations more efficient, and to enable you to provide transparent and competitive energy related services to your tenants: