initial  Banking sector, Real Estate Funds

Prudent monitoring and regular reconsideration of the value of real estate acquired by financial institutions from defaulted loans is of key importance, as well as being compulsory.

In the case of real estate funds, where the profile is either property development or letting, the status of the realty from energy aspects, operability and overall cost structure are all key to efficient and competitive operations.

When determining an actual fair market price, it is unavoidable to assess the energy status of the property. Our staff can reveal any issues or opportunities that may have a short or long term effect on the property value and thus on the operation risk of the Fund/Bank.

 Retaining and boosting the value of the real estate is crucial for the owners, that is expected by their investors. The best instrument for this is focusing on the energy related status of the property, keeping net asset values in the positive region.

 For all this, we can assist you with the following: