initial Project Management



 I. Project preparation phase
II. Project construction phase
III. Project operational phase


 In the case of energy efficiency and renewable energy investments, it is important to involve an independent, experienced partner, that follows the entire project from start to finish, while protecting the investor’s interest and focusing on the client’s priority points. This partner can also ensure the project’s budget and time frame are adhered to, as well as the highest quality in technical realization.


1. Preparation phase
• After negotiating with the client, we assemble a project conception package, and set the time frames.
• Technical inspection of the building and existing machinery.
• Feasibility study, outlining the possible project alternatives.
• Fixing the funding structure and requirements (bank loan, ESCO, statutory tender).
• Organizing project meetings, compiling project advance reports, and project documentation.
• Designing, gathering necessary technical permissions, and conducting studies (environment).
• Coordination of project communication.

2. Construction phase
• Contracting, liaising with subcontractors (design company, constructor, engineers technical supervisor).
• Supervising construction works, reporting on progress.
• Technical hand over, minutes of hand over, final permissions.
• Preparation and concluding the operational and maintenance contracts.

3. Operational phase
• Regular monitoring of works and progress of the project, focusing on the projected level of savings.
• Revealing and overcoming of possible technical failures or deviances from initial plans.
• Professional arrangement of the entire project creates a guarantee to achieve and realize the amount of savings expected.