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As of the 1st of January 2017 companies are required to apply an energy manager or energy consultant service company in order to meet the requirements of the modified 2015/LVII. law about the energy efficiency. Companies (large companies and SME’s) are required to apply an energy expert or energy managment service company with qualified independent experts in order to evaluate their energy consumption and savings potential, and assist the companies efforts on the field of energy efficiency.mn6_eng

Companies with an average energy consumption of more, than

a) 400 000 kWh electricity

b) 100 000 m3 natural gas or

c) 3 400 GJ heat

in the last 3 years are obliged to apply an energy manager.

 Minimum requirements of an Energy Consultant by the law (2015/LVII.):

MN6 Energy provides the following activities as an energy consultant:


MN6 Energy Agency is a powerful team of energy experts, including engineers, energy professionals and economists. The MN6 Energy Agency provides energy managment services for the clients, which is a systematic and transparent manner to handle all the company’s energy related questions – in order to decrease the high energy costs and solve all energy related issues.

What’s the benefit?

How can an energy manager assist you?