initial Energy sourcing – electricity and natural gas



 • collection, processing and full review of past consumption data, bills, contracts, assessment of metering system;
• defining consumer needs regarding the price formula and main volume flexibility conditions (take-or-pay, oil-based, TTF based, blended formula, last-call option);
• requesting quotations from potential bidders, arranging the bidding process in more steps if needed, keeping contact with suppliers throughout the procedure;
• comparative review and assessment of bids, declaring a winner based on the conditions defined above;
• support in finalizing the contract;
• bill control based on the concluded contract over the entire term, handling customer service issues.

The strengths, weaknesses and general approach of energy suppliers to their customers may vary strongly based on their specialization, thus making it hard to get a clear picture of the market and to compare the different offers, formulas, and contracting conditions. (Let alone the large difference between the knowledge levels of the client and the traders…)

Our company can give a hand in this, i.e. to make the competition stronger, and to increase bargaining power.

  What’s the benefit?

When it comes to saving energy, there are two basic options: reducing prices, or reducing volumes. With this service, we concentrate on prices by creating immediate cost cuts without further investments.


 The process ends with a signed energy purchase contract containing the best available prices on the market without “hidden landmines”.

  A real story…

By arranging a full circle tendering of energy suppliers for one of our partners, we helped the client to save approximately 30 million HUF in one year, simply by boosting the competition for them.