initial Auditing of bills and contracts




Based on the collection of utility data and relevant contracts of the buildings, a consumption profile can be reviewable and monitored for all tenants and building users. Ready-to-use figures are delivered on comprehensive energy consumption data and costs.

  What’s the benefit?

The audit helps to underpin the precise settlement process for users/tenants, allowing better estimates to be made available for yearly consumption and capacity figures, thus preventing overbooking of volumes that can generate extra costs.

 Consumption data are monitored closely and eventual overbilling and system failures


 By auditing existing contracts and bills, and by assessing the metering system, unwanted costs are identified quickly and without any further investment.

  A real story…

Fixed system usage fee of an out-of-use metering device was not controlled by anyone, so an immediate cost saving of 1 million HUF was possible. Overseeing the bills of a facility management company, it came out the 10% of the energy costs were not being charged to the tenants.


By analyzing 900 pieces of bills, a possible cost saving of 5 million HUF was suggested and presented to the Customer.