initialBiogas Demonstration Plant Praslin, Seyshelles

Project title: Biogas Demonstration Plant Praslin, SeychellesPraslin fotó

Project term: 2014. –


Short description of the project

Installation of a demonstration biogas project on Praslin, utilizing organic and green wastes, animal dung, kitchen oil and seaweed from beaches. Producing electricity, heat and high quality fertilizer (solid, liquid) for farmers.

Establishing a regional knowledge and research centre with training acitvities and demonstration purposes.

The projekt

MN6 Energy Agency is responsible for the project development of the first biogas demo project on Seychelles. Our vision is a more sustainable and attractive Seychelles, through the provision of green energy based on local resources, capitalizing on the tourist industry. In the long term, we see the Seychelles reducing the negative effects of fossil fuel consumption, achieving greater energy independence, and overall a more attractive tourist destination.infograph_biogas

On Praslin, the organic and green wastes are placed on the landfill and by the roads, farms, and the animal dung goes to the soil untreated on farms, cousing a pollution in rivers and water sources (92 percent of the water used in the country comes from surface or groundwater sources). Farmers and inhabitants often burn greenwastes , this results additional air pollution. In order to contribute solving these problems, MN6 Energy Agency has done researches regarding the possible viability of a biogas plant on Praslin. As the tropical climate and the lush vegetaition provide ideal circumstances for biogas production technology, and there is sufficient quantity of biodegradable wastes, a project development of a biogas demonstration plant has been started. The plant can be used to convert green wastes and other available organic wastes (e.g. kitchen wastes) and seaweed into two complementary end products: biofuel and fertilizer.

By not only providing environmentally friendly and useful products, but also by directly tackling twin issues of reducing imported fuel dependency and improving the quality of tourist services, the Biogas Praslin project has great potential to contribute to a more sustainable and attractive Seychelles. By establishing a development and knowlegde centre, we can contribute to the local environmental training and a raising awareness not only by hotels but by housholds as well. Based on the first demo project on Praslin island, the know-how can also be spread to other areas and islands.


Main inputs:



Overall goals of the project 

The goal of the projest is to convert organic wastes to biofuel, and than electricity and heat, that can be approached both to the public utility company and also have additional byproducts as solid and liquid fertilizer for local use.

The project can improve the tourism service, attract higher quality visitors through the eco-tourism industry , and provide good differentiation for hotels involved.


Estimated project budget: EUR 5 Million